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Word Search Book Descriptions

That’s My Jam!

We all know Black musicians have played a key role in shaping the world of music as we know it. From Blues, Jazz and Gospel to Soul, R&B, Rock and Country, Black musicians laid the foundation for many of the sounds that make us tap our toes, snap our fingers and bob our heads to the beat. If you are a music fan, this word search book will be your perfect little getaway to musical bliss. “That’s My Jam!” is our tribute to Black Music. This large print word search book will have you saying, “That’s My Jam!” as you work through each word search puzzles. Don’t be surprised if you break out with a verse or two from the songs you are searching, because you will! Get your highlighters ready. This word search book will be your jam!

Let’s Go To Church

This large print word search book is designed to combine fun, relaxation and praise. If you like church, you know…good preaching, good gospel music and good fellowship with family and friends…then you will love this word search book. You will find word search puzzles made from Bible stories we learned as children, Bible verses, hymns, gospel music and more! Grab your highlighter and if you are up to it, put on your Sunday Best. Get ready, Let’s Go To Church!

HBCU Edition Vol. 1

What would Black Culture be without our HBCUs? We had to pay homage to our beloved educational institutions that served to educate many of the world’s renowned Lawyers, Doctors, Scientists, Engineers, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Activists, Athletes, Actors and Musicians. The HBCU Edition Vol.1 features nearly half of our beloved HBCU institutions. HBCUs have served as educational and cultural hubs as well as creative incubators for generations of Black students. Black Girl Magic and Black Boy Joy is witnessed on daily basis on more than 100 college campuses across the country. We are proud to capture some of that magic and joy here. Now it’s time to hit The Yard! Make sure your highlighter is handy!

Trailblazing Women

So Amazing! Black Culture is here to give women their flowers! In this edition we highlight many of the women who made their mark and are making their mark in the world. You will find well known and little known facts and accomplishments of many of the traditional historical figures you know and love. You will also recognize women who are currently making an impact in society. And since there are a number of up and coming stars of tomorrow, we have identified some of them as well. We hope you have your highlighter and your heart ready. You are about to beam with pride. On a side note, you will probably want to have your favorite Girl Anthem playlist ready too. Create your mood!

TV Edition

So Amazing! Black Culture returns with another great word search book. This time it is the TV edition. We are covering all the things. From our favorite sitcoms, dramas, soaps, reality shows, actors, actresses to news as well as sports personalities and more! Get ready to take a trip down memory lane as we revisit some of our most iconic shows from the past. You will also be able to explore many of today’s favorite shows and people. Get a fresh highlighter and be prepared for hours of smiles and fun! It’s So Amazing!

The Original

So Amazing! Black Culture Word Search amplifies as well as celebrates the talent, achievements, coolness, creativity and sense of humor that makes Black culture so special. In this word search book you will find some really cool and unique categories and has over 70 word search puzzles for your enjoyment. It’s Fun, Entertaining & Relaxing! Get ready to laugh, be inspired, feel seen and be heard. So grab your book and a highlighter. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

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Creator’s Note:

Hello everyone, my name is Denise and I am the founder of So Amazing! Black Culture.

My goal is to create content that celebrates who we are and what we have accomplished as a culture. We have a lot of things out there to shine the light on. There are a lot of moments and achievements in time that have warmed our hearts, given us pride and made us smile. The “So Amazing! Black Culture Word Search Book” series will work to amplify the coolness, creativity and sense of humor that makes Black culture so special.

I am a proud two time graduate of Alabama A&M University, having earned my Bachelor’s degree and MBA at the HBCU. As we say on The Hill, “Long Live Thy Fame” and “Let’s Go Bulldogs”!

An Arizona native, I love all things Black culture. I enjoy traveling, spending time with friends & family and seeking out new adventures.

I really hope you enjoy our word search puzzles as well as our journals and workbooks. You can check back here often for new books and signup for email updates on new releases. Thank you for your support!

Feel free to connect with me on IG, Facebook or TikTok @SoAmazingBlackCulture.

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So Amazing! Black Culture Journals

Entrepreneur’s Workbook

So Amazing! Black Culture presents the Melanin Entrepreneur’s Workbook. This workbook is designed for entrepreneurs. Learn the dynamics of setting smart goals as you plan out financial, self care and personal development goals. You will be guided through creating a business canvas to ensure you identify important elements of your business. Lastly you will be able to journal your daily activities to document key learnings, behaviors and best practices that work to drive success for your business. The Melanin Entrepreneur’s Workbook is a must have for anyone with a side hustle or business.


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Majestic Inspirations Notebook Journal

Do you need to take notes? Do you write poems or manuscripts? Do you keep a daily journal?
Our multipurpose notebook journal is designed to provide you with inspiration as you take notes or write down your creative thoughts. The journal notebooks has lined pages.


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Queen’s Diary

So Amazing! Black Culture Queen’s Diary is the perfect little gem to store away all of your daily thoughts. It is also great for:

  • Taking notes
  • Writing poems
  • Creating to-do lists
  • Writing lyrics as well as
  • Journaling about your day


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